: Things to do on Father's Day 2015!! Fun Fair, Carnival, Funival !!

Things to do on Father's Day 2015 : When is Father's Day in Singapore?

Are you searching for Father\'s Day event or promotions? June Holiday Activity | Father\'s Day Promotion | Things to do on Father\'s Day | Father\'s Day Family Activities
Father\'s Day is celebrated worldwide to recognize the contribution that fathers and father figures make to the lives of their children. This day celebrates fatherhood and male parenting. Although it is celebrated on a variety of dates worldwide, many countries observe this day on the third Sunday in June (Sun 21 Jun 2015).

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You must be a parent .. and congrats you are just the right target audience that Superfundae is attracting to the event! You must be either a mummy or daddy researching for Things to do on Father\'s Day 2015 or Family Friendly Activities Singapore or the type of Children Activity to do with your children or kiddos .. be it a simple Parent Child Kids Bonding Session or just purely Family Fun and Wacky Ideas for June Holidays ...

Welcome to Superfundae Website! SuperFunDae has many Family Friendly Activities Singapore that awaits you and your family! Simply just Go Play Outside!

One of the activity at SuperFunDae is Art (Art can be one of the Things to do on Father\'s Day 2015). Family Fun Ideas for June Holidays... Fun kid ideas and activities for the month of June... and many other Family Friendly Activities Singapore...
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Come bring your family and children to have the ultimate fun at Superfundae during Father\'s Day weekend !!

What is SuperFunDae : Family Friendly Activities Singapore | Go Play Outside

Superfundae brings you a Carnival Season! If you been looking for Family Friendly Activities Singapore.. Here is what we recommend you do! Bring your family down to SuperFunDae! It's everything kids love.. all in one event! Kids, children and toddlers and even babies just love carnivals .. don't you agree?

Come join us at SuperFunDae! Aviva Superfundae ( June Family Carnival Singapore ) is the answer for Activities For Kids During School Holidays. Family Fun Ideas for June Holidays : Carnival for Kids Singapore welcomes you to PLAY-ALL-DAY! Pick and choose any activity that you like. There\'s too much to do! Your all-day admission ticket allows you access to over 20 activities.

Arty Party : Don\'t fancy sweating yourself out running outdoors? We have some arts and craft workshops that are sure to exercise that right brain of yours. Recommended for kids 4 - 104 years old!

Things to do on Father\'s Day 2015 - Mosaic Workshop : Let the wonderful team from Mosaic Workshop guide you to create your next masterpiece using mosaic tiles!
Soap Clay Making : If you can make your own play dough, you can also make your own soap to wash the mess off! Create your own shapes and scents for your personalised soap masterpieces! Brought to you by the Soap Ministry.

Looking for Things to do on Father\'s Day 2015? Carnival for Kids Singapore spoke with friends with older kids, it seems that half of them would rather stay glued to the screen and their game controllers than enjoy an actual ball game under the afternoon sun. Father come bring your Kids to play outside and participate in more Family Friendly Activities at the Superfundae event!!

Come to SuperFunDae!! Things to do on Father\'s Day 2015!!
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