Are kids happier than adults? The Importance of Fun

When it comes to having fun, kids have the advantage over adults. While most adults would like to have a good time, the desire is often tempered by a competing need to get ahead in life or to get things done. How many times have you skipped a social outing in order to whittle away at your workload? If you've spent time around a kid hooked into a video game with a "to do" list of parent-provided chores collecting dust nearby, you'll realize ambivalence about the importance of fun is largely an adult dilemma.
The daily lives of adults and children are quite different. While an adult's day is largely filled with tasks, responsibilities and the acquisition of resources, a kid's life in a privileged country is generally structured around having fun, or being educated in fun or interesting ways. While play is viewed as a necessary component of childhood, it's perceived as a luxury for adults. And as hard as we try to make sure our kids are having fun, they may be even happier when provided less structure or forced stimulation.

Singapore is blessed with many clean and safe public parks, Have a fun-filled family day with interactive play and creative fun for your children! Are you searching for Gardens by the bay playground or Gardens by the bay children festival? Look no further!

It's Gardens by the Bay Kids Fun!! Gardens by the Bay is a fantastic place to bring the kids and it's SuperFundae once more folks! SuperFunDae is located at the Gardens by the Bay! Kids just love to play and they learn through play and of course fun! Have a fun-filled family day with creative play ideas, some water play and much more!

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Things to do near Gardens by the Bay : SuperFunDae is back at Gardens by the Bay!

Are you looking at Kids fun at the Gardens by the Bay in June? SuperFunDae is located at the Gardens by the Bay! Gardens by the Bay is an independent organisation responsible for developing and managing one of Asia's foremost garden destinations, the Gardens by the Bay. The Gardens is led by a multidisciplinary team of professionals who have been involved in the greening of Singapore and had worked alongside international and local experts to develop the Gardens. You have landed on this page because you searched for the term (Gardens by the Bay Kids Fun). And indeed SuperFundae promises you nothing but pure fun and family bonding! There's something for everyone at the family-friendly SuperFunDae.

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Welcome to SuperFunDae! Come and engage in creative play at the following Worlds:

  • Circus Centre : Enjoy Hourly Candy Cannon, Super fun stage games, Live music & the all popular Movie Under the Stars!
  • Speedy Zone : All-new Daddy Donut Dash!! Beer Dash and Milk Dash, squiggly cars, skate-scooter, Ninja Quest!
  • Dream Castle : A haven for Arts & Crafts! Art and craft ideas with Mosaic Workshop! Live their dreams to be a world famous artist here!
  • Pirate Island : Craycrayspray water play area with Super Soakers, Mini water slide, Build your paper boat that floats on water!
  • Jungle World : Jump, pounce, grab and swing, these are the things you will do at Jungle World!

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Welcome to the Gardens by the Bay Kids Fun page! Singapore is blessed with many clean and safe public parks, discover things you can do with your kids during the June school holidays. Are you searching for a suitable June Holiday Activity? Don't forget to make time for SuperFunDae!

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